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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #460

>When I accessed Rx for Better Health site for the free diabetes
>identification (I always need more as the red paint always wears off) I
>noticed that that carried a lot of very low carb products - including candy
>bars (a problem food for me--- I love 'me).  Has one tried them?  >Dianne

Dianne, the Keto Candy bars are awful, but Ross and Pure D'Lite are great.  
They are real chocolate bars and have only around 3 grams of carb per bar 
(bars are probably just a little smaller than a hershey bar).  I really love 
the white chocolate of both brands, and also like the mint chocolate and the 
orange chocolate.  The plain milk chocolate is worth trying but I don't like 
it quite as much.  You can get them at several of the low carb websites.  I 
usually get mine at synergydiet.com.


>- ----------------------------------------------------------------
>The purpose of the Atkins Diet is to induce Ketosis, so you wont feel like
>eating, not Ketoacidosis, normal folks don't get that.
>Ketosis is caused by the utilization of fat as an energy source without
>carbohydrate. The way we get DKA is when we have little or no insulin, we
>burn fat exclusively. there are no carbs to finish off the end products of
>metabolized fat, acetoacetic acid, beta hydroxybuteric acid and aceone.
>these products enter the carbohydrate energy cycle at the bottom if they
>can. Although this pathway can keep you alive, it is unable to provide
>sufficient  energy rich phosphate since there is a net loss, the metabolism
>of fat costs more in energy than it produces. you burn off more and more 
>to compensate for this. like skipping insulin injections, my anorectic
>diabetic so.of. did this frequently. Always sick to her stomach,she never
>gained and never seemed to lose stayed at a trim 107 pounds, 5' 6". too
>skinny. Atkins actually does not work in his own practice, all the docs in
>the NYC area considered him a fraud and a charlatan. He lives in a mansion
>up in the Bedford Hills area of NYS. Been in front of the NY County Medical
>socety at least 4 times a year for etics violations. spot
>A. L. Bender, M. D.
>email @ redacted
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