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Re: [IP] reservoir/site change

On 7/14/02 8:32 PM, "Kathy Bruckmeyer" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Many times the site is bad and I have to keep changing.
> My problem is that they don't offer us supplies just to change the site but
> send the entire tubing and to me, that's a waste of money and equipment.
> I wish they would offer just the actual site change for the area instead of
> the whole thing.  They don't seem to take into consideration, the amount of
> times we catch a bad site and have to change it more often.
> Kathy B.

Disetronic does!  Their Tenders come with 5 sets of tubing and 10 cannulas
for $86.    And now their Rapids with Disconnect come in a box with 5 tubes
and 15 needles.  Minimed does sell a 'comparable' box of Silhouettes for
$92.   I've heard rumors that with the higher costs of the Paradigm sets
that they may start selling the individual pieces.

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