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RE: [IP] Keto Candy bars

"I am really cutting carbs and increasing proteins - a little - how to get
around the fat?  Is that an Atkins thing?
	Dianne, why are you trying to cut down on your carbs?  Is it to lose
	Do not and I repeat, do not go on the Atkins diet especially if you are
diabetic!  You are only going to put your kidneys into overdrive to process
all of the additional proteins you will be ingesting.
	I now eat as much high fiber carbs as I can, am on a low protein and low
fat diet.  I dropped weight, my protein in my urine has dropped a lot and my
heart is doing well too.
	How to cut out the fat you ask?
	Well, first of all, don't eat too much red meat and if you do, try to get
the lowest percentage of fat in your ground meat (there are some with as low
as 4% fat in them).  Trim all excess fat off of your meats and don't eat
chicken skins.
	Try eating low fat or fat free dairy products such as cottage cheese,
yogart, margarine's, cheeses and the like.  When you want to have mozzarella
or ricotta, get the part skim as it has a lot less fat in them.  Drink skim
milk and use fat free non dairy creamers.  Try the new everything free salad
dressings in your produce section.  They are really tasty.  Ever try veggie
cheese?  The cheddar, jalapeno and provolone are quite tasty and if you put
a slice on a cooked burger, it melts right on there w/o having to do it on
the grill.
	Do not fry anything.  There are lots of "fried foods" that you can actually
bake and they taste just as crispy.  Lots of recipe books around on how to
do that.
	Bake, broil or grill your foods.  Much tastier and drains the fats from
	Read the nutrition information on all labels of foods that you purchase and
wipe out the higher fat content ones especially the saturated fat ones.
They are the worst. But, watch out cause whenever something is fat free, the
sugar/carb count is much higher on them.
	I hope this helps you.
	Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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