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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #460

hey everyone...im new to pumping and have a general question, when changing 
the infusion set....i use the quick set with my paradigm pump, and i was just 
wondering how you guys "tear off" the cannula/circular part once its time to 
take it off...i usually use my thigh as my infusion site, and it kinda hurts 
when i have to take it off, its really stuck on there....do you guys have any 

   also, my pump educator said that, when on the pump, most people use 18% 
less insulin....do you guys find this to be true?  and if it is true...how do 
you do your normal carb counting then, wouldnt that get messed up??

      thanks for your help...bassem (paradigm pumper of 3days!  haha)
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