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[IP] NovoLog in Disetronic pumps

My doctor recently gave me some samples of NovoLog along with an Innovo
injection device to carry as a backup in case of pump failure.  The Innovo
device uses 3ml pre-filled cartridges with a special screw adapter on the
end that the pen needle attaches to.  I use a Disetronic D-Tron pump that
uses pre-filled cartidges without the screw adapter.  It appeared that the 2
cartridges were the same dimensionally except for the adapter so I removed
it and put it into my pump.  I then sent an e-mail to Novo-Nordisk telling
them what I did and asking them if they supplied the 3ml cartridges without
the adapter.  I received the following which could be of interest to H-Tron

Thank you for your inquiry. While the cartridge physically fits into the
chamber and the adapter can be inserted if you pop the orange cap off the
cartridge, the pump was not designed around the dimensions and performance
specifications of our cartridge. If customers attempt to use our cartridge
in the D-TRON, the piston rod may jam and the occlusion detection system
will not operate as designed. This could cause insulin delivery problems.

Instead, we recommend that patients fill their own D-TRON cartridges with
NovoLog by using the D-TRON filling set, item #3000834. This item is covered
by most insurance plans under HCPCS Code A4232 (syringe w/needle for
external pump, 3CC) and can be ordered by calling Disetronic Customer
Service at 800-280-7801.

It is also worth noting that Disetronic's 30,000+ H-TRONplus pump customers
can get pre-filled NovoLog cartridges if they buy their other supplies from
Disetronic. The program works as follows:
1. Disetronic bills for the cartridges under the customer's DME benefit.
2. Disetronic's pharmacy partner fills the cartridges with NovoLog and bills
for the insulin under the customer's pharmacy benefit.
3. Disetronic ships the pre-filled insulin cartridges in a cold pack along
with the rest of the customer's supplies order.
Customers should call 1-800-280-7801 and ask for the Cartridge Filling
Service to enroll in this program. Please note, the Cartridge Filling
Service is not available for D-TRON cartridges.


Novo Nordisk Customer Support
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