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[IP] Long-term International Travel Info

If you're going to be there that long, maybe you should just get a European-made pump.

Fred G.

> Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 23:19:40 -0400
> From: "Kim Bohnet" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Long-term International Travel Info
> Hi everyone,
> I've been busy lately getting ready for my year-long (I may stay two years!)
> study abroad in Spain.  In case any one else is thinking about going
> overseas for an extended period of time, this information may come in
> helpful...
> I contacted Minimed about getting a spare pump during the duration of my
> trip.  I was told they have a loaner pool for people on vacation.  They took
> down my information (name, destination, travel dates, etc) and said they
> would contact me within three days with an answer as to whether I'd be able
> to get one.  I received a message the next day, saying that they'll give me
> a call two weeks before I leave to get a shipping address to send it to.
> Big relief!  (Everyone else I'd heard of had only had the back-up pumps for
> one or two weeks - not a whole year).
> My next concern was obtaining supplies while overseas - the last time I was
> in Europe and needed to be sent supplies from home, my parents had to pay
> over $300 in taxes and shipping insurance.  Well, I contacted my insurance
> company (CIGNA) to see if I could get all 12 months of my
> supplies/prescriptions before leaving.  They said it would be fine, all I
> need is a letter from my dad's company's benefits department (I'm on his
> insurance) saying I need to take over enough supplies with me, and then list
> all the prescriptions.  I can then go to a pharmacy and get the
> prescriptions filled...  I'll have to pay 12 separate co-pays, but that's
> better than the shipping charges!
> Now that those two huge concerns are all taken care of, I just need to
> figure out how to fit everything in my luggage!!
> Persistance pays off!!
> ~kim.
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