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Re: [IP] Nasty Daughter

Thanks Jenn,

Respect does go both ways.

At 01:18 PM 07/14/2002 , you wrote:
>Ok, everyone is talking about respecting your parent(s).  What about 
>parents respecting their children?
>If I was sleeping, and someone woke me up making a lot of unecessary 
>noise, I'd be pretty upset.  Just because a person is a parent doesn't 
>make them always right.
>Weird Jenn
>email @ redacted

And now for a question that may either provide a lot of discussion or kill 
this thread in its tracks.......

For the parents of children with diabetes:  Can you express any of the 
feelings that come up when you need to "save" your child from a low?

And now for the other side of the same coin, any of you parents been 
"saved" by your kids when you have had a low?

For someone (a kid?) to be able to mention a low "as a possibility" might 
imply that they are familiar with that type of situation.

It's scary for adults to "save" their kids, just imagine what it would be 
like to be a kid and possibly needing to "save" a parent...  (in the "real 
world" does that ever happens?)

I would feel angry (at myself) if I someone told me to test and I wasn't 
sure about being low or not.....

And I know I have done some things that I was not proud of when I was 
low.....  (and also a few when I wasn't low   :-)

Take what you like and leave the rest,

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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