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[IP] RE:Nasty Daughter

Melany --
I'm jealous -- your house HAS normal behavior for five in the morning?
Seriously, in my experience teenagers who are not getting their own way
will generally say anything that they know will push their parent's
buttons.  It's like a gamble with them -- they'll behave outrageously
and if you get mad they Win.  If it wasn't diabetes, it would probably
be 'oh, no wonder you can't be quiet, you're such a klutz!' or whatever
the latest insulting term is among adolescents (this is a family board
and I don't know your daughter's friends, so I won't go further than
that).  You are lucky you didn't get the A (_always_) word thrown in.

That said, it doesn't make what she said any more acceptable.  You might
want to save the locking her in a closet until she's 30 for something
really huge (staying out too late, breaking a major family rule,
whatever) but you are certainly entitled to be displeased with her
behavior and express your displeasure.  Something along the lines of 'I
never expected you to act so immature, even at 5 in the morning' in a
calm moment would probably make the point.  Be warned, though, I've
never met a teenager who would admit that they had behaved wrongly in a
case like this, but they also grow up unwilling to tolerate similar lip
from their children!

Just my 2 cents,
Kathy Trondsen
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