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[IP] Re: IP] Insulin pumps are still debatable for type 1 diabetes

First, thank you Ellen for sending the link so we could read all of the
article, and DeVries and Heine's letter response.
The one thing that we kept thinking while reading the article, and DeVries and
Heine's letter response, is, "Where is the human element in all this"?
Everything revolves around that A1c "number", not about life for someone with
diabetes.  How many hypos occurred or wild swings?  How many "shots" a day?
We  also read the other letters responding to the article, and were gratified
to see the human part being brought out.   Yes, for some, a pump may not be
what they need or want (!), but for those who do, we feel it should be readily
available regardless of that "number."
Whether an A1c improves greatly, just a bit, or not even at all (after all,
MDI allows some to have fantastic A1c's) should not in our minds be the
deciding factor on whether or not one should have the opportunity to try
pumping.  After all, just being able to make more food decisions, timing, and
know that it doesn't mean a minimum of 4-6+ injections a day already gives one
an improved life, freedom, doesn't it?  And as the spouse of a person with
diabetes, I can attest to the new "lease" on life that it's given us as a
couple, and the only-a-memory-now of the vigilance I used to have to have all
night long "just in case" of a severe hypo.
Hubby wants to say again that not only is it great to not have all the
injections, the best is not having those horrible BS swings, the really bad
hypos, and having so much freedom!  Hurray for multiple basal rates!  Had
anyone just asked and not kept pursuing with him the use of a pump, he
probably would have felt things were just fine, never tried and learned to
love pumping.
That's our $0.02 for the day....
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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