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[IP] keto candy bars

Subject: [IP] Keto Candy bars

When I accessed Rx for Better Health site for the free diabetes
identification (I always need more as the red paint always wears off) I
noticed that that carried a lot of very low carb products - including candy
bars (a problem food for me--- I love 'me).  Has one tried them?  I had an
Advantage Bar the other day -low carb - and it was in a word 'awful'.  I am
really cutting carbs and increasing proteins - a little - how to get around
the fat?  Is that an Atkins thing?
The purpose of the Atkins Diet is to induce Ketosis, so you wont feel like
eating, not Ketoacidosis, normal folks don't get that.
Ketosis is caused by the utilization of fat as an energy source without
carbohydrate. The way we get DKA is when we have little or no insulin, we
burn fat exclusively. there are no carbs to finish off the end products of
metabolized fat, acetoacetic acid, beta hydroxybuteric acid and aceone.
these products enter the carbohydrate energy cycle at the bottom if they
can. Although this pathway can keep you alive, it is unable to provide
sufficient  energy rich phosphate since there is a net loss, the metabolism
of fat costs more in energy than it produces. you burn off more and more fat
to compensate for this. like skipping insulin injections, my anorectic
diabetic so.of. did this frequently. Always sick to her stomach,she never
gained and never seemed to lose stayed at a trim 107 pounds, 5' 6". too
skinny. Atkins actually does not work in his own practice, all the docs in
the NYC area considered him a fraud and a charlatan. He lives in a mansion
up in the Bedford Hills area of NYS. Been in front of the NY County Medical
socety at least 4 times a year for etics violations. spot

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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