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[IP] Hypoglycemia

I, on the other hand, find this information very informative to see the
different variances in bodies.  The lowest I have ever been is 45 and I
thought I was on the edge of passing out, but to see others who go into the
20's and still be conscience, is a more comforting thought for me. This is
the kind of statistical data we need.

> The low blood sugar topic is pretty scary for some people that are trying
> prevent the problem from happening. LBS is really dangerous and does some
> pretty bad things to our (we that have D) bodies. I prefer not to hear
> it unless somebody is wondering what to do to prevent them, etc. Sharon B
> ----------------------------------------------------------
At the risk of stirrung up trouble I felt Ihad to respond to this topic.
Low blood sugar is different in every one. It's variation in effectys on
your body are related to the store of energy rich phosphate you have to
marshal during these events, therte is no statisical correlation. The body
uses glucose and Phosphorus to make energy rich phosphate in two forms, the
first form essential to brain function is creatine phosphate. This compond
can keep you brain working for about 22 seconds without sustaining damage if
all oxygen is unavailable in a case such as a cardiac arrest. After that, no
energy is available to let the brain function normally and brain damage
occurs. The second form is ATP which drives all of the mitochondrial
biochemical processes. if you have less of either of these than mosdt folks,
unconsciousness and death will occur at higher glucose concentrations than
most folks, in addition , the cells in your memory centers - the hippocampus
and ventral psalterium will fail at higher glucose levels than most. There
is no meter or gauge you can read to see what these levels are. such a gauge
would be similar to a gas gauge in a car, operating seconds till brain
failure. A few episodes, close to the proverbial wire can ring your brain's
bell for over a week. It also can damage your ability to remember stuff.

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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