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[IP] meters

 Hi everyone--just wondering what people's experiences with Lifescan
> meters are.  I have heard some bad things about them but am having to
> change to Lifescan because it is the only meter whose test strips my

I had a One Touch II for a good many years of trouble-free
service. Then one day, a year or two ago, it started giving a
"clean test area" error every time. I called Lifescan. After
some troubleshooting over the phone, they overnight'd me a One
Touch Profile, which has been flawless since.

So, I can't complain.

                 - Bluejay Adametz, CFII, A&P, AA-5B N45210

I think their stuff is quite good, i still have my one touch II also, it is
a good meter but it needs a big drop of blood. I like the FastTake, it had
better high end range than the ultra but they are both good. And Robert Wood
Johnson's daughter is a type I diabetic.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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