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Re: [IP] ACE inhibitors

I have been taking 2.5 mg of Enalapril since November
2001 when my kidney test came back with a slightly low
creatinine clearance value.  My blood pressure has
ALWAYS been low (during pregnancy my highest BP was
120 over 80).  I average 90 over 60 most days, but
have been sent home from donating blood when it was 80
over 40.  The 2.5 mg dose is many times less than what
most folks with high blood pressure take to reduce
their values.

When I first started taking the ACE inhibitor I was
VERY worried about the low BP getting even lower.  I
have not had that experience thankfully.  

I have not been back in for another creatinine
clearance test (I have a huge aversion to peeing in a
jug for 24 hours - reminds me too much of the old days
with peeing in a cup & using the eye dropper & test
tube method to test for sugar).

I have had a problem that coincides with when I
started taking the ACE inhibitor - but have not made
the definitive correlation. I fall asleep every day at
about the same time whether I'm at home or at the
office.  I can just about set my clock to 3:00 p.m.
when my head hits the desk.  We've ruled out several
things like depression and lack of nightly sleep. 
Will start on various medications next.  Enalapril is
just one of the drugs I take every day so don't know
if it could be it or not.

Just my experience.  YMMV.

-gail in denver
dx 02/14/72 T1, pumping off & on since 1985. No
complications, but have a wicked sense of humor.

> --------------------------------------------
> Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 17:16:10 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] ACE inhibitors

> My doctor recently left the diabetes center where 
> I'm a patient, he left a PA in charge of things. At 
> my visit with him he wanted to start me on ace 
> inhibitors to protect my kidneys. My tests all come 
> back as normal.  I just wonder about taking some med

> if it is not needed. I have read some studies on 
> this subject.  It seems to be to confusing because a

> large number of the study group had elevated bp to 
> start with. He said this practice is a standard in 
> Canada. Does any one take ace inhibitors without 
> high bp to protect your kidneys? 

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