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[IP] RE: ACE Inhibitors Renoprotective effect

I was reading the thread of messages on ACE inhibitors, and I think its
clear that many of us take them for their renoprotective effect.  I also
read the related string of follow-ups about different ACE inhibitors and why
some people switch, as well as the comments on consistent dry coughing.

I thought I'd share a few points on the topic.  First, which ACE inhibitor
is the subject of some confusion, but my impression is that your insurance
company's drug formulary has a lot to do with it.  My endo prescribed Altace
initially, but I checked with my insurance company and found that it was not
on their preferred drug formulary and Altace was significantly more
expensive, so I asked about which was and was told it was Accupril.  I asked
my endo about it, and his feeling was that either was fine, so I went with
Accupril, saving myself nearly $50/month in the process.  I would suggest
asking to see your drug formulary if cost is a concern.

Second, there was a short, but interesting article in the December 2001
edition of Diabetes Interview regarding ACE inhibitors and the persistent
dry cough often associated with them.  A study conducted at the Samsung
Medical Center at the Sungkyunkwan University of Medicine in Seoul, South
Korea found that taking iron supplements helped prevent this side effect
from ACE inhibitors.  The researchers believe that the result may be due to
less production of nitric oxide in the lungs.  Although more research is
needed to confirm the findings, I thought it was interesting anyway.

Scott  (Age 33, Dx'd T1 9/76 at age 7, pumping with Animas since 6/02)
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