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re: [IP] Lifescan meters

Lifescans One touch ULTRA is a great little meter, the download cable is 
cheap ($20)  and the software is free for downloading. Small sample size, 
large memory and fast results (5 seconds)!. We had tried the freesty;e but 
got tired of throwing away test strips, and alternative test site areas did 
not really work out great for us, we were bad arm bleeders!
 I think you may be happy if you can get an ultra (call lifescan, they will 
send a free one of insurance gives you a hassle about a new meter), but 
meters are a choice, and it stinks when insurance companies take away your 
 Good Luck to you!
  Jacky D, Rissa (12) and Allie, (4) 
      we D three, All D'xed at < 1 year old, 2 pumping, 1 on shots, all using 

Hi everyone--just wondering what people's experiences with Lifescan meters 
are.  I have heard some bad things about them but am having to change to 
Lifescan because it is the only meter whose test strips my new insurance 
company (Pacificare...grrrr) will cover.  (It burns me up that I have three 
different brands of meters--one favorite, two backups--that are now sort of 
useless because I can't afford the test strips without a prescription.)  Do 
the people who use Lifescan meters like them?  My main meter is an Accu-Chek 
Advantage and I love it, but I'm going to have to get used to this one.  Does 
Lifescan have meters from which you can download your sugars into some 

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