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[IP] Low blood sugars

O wish I could say that the pump has stopped my lows, but I cannot.  They 
have gotten better since I have changed my night time basal rates starting at 
2am, but I occasionally still get the lows in the morning that I do not 
remember.  I'm just thankful that my husband can now tell when I am having a 
low and he is able to get the glucose tabs down me in time.  When I finally 
realize that I am having such a low, I am on the rebound from it and almost 
back to sleep before I even realize what just happened.  

I didn't think that 0.1 units of insulin could change me from having a blood 
sugar of 40 or 140 in the morning, but that much of an adjustment has made a 
big difference in my morning blood sugars and that is WITH eating quite a 
large carb filled snack before bed and no bolus.  (I am not able to give any 
insulin after 8pm without bottoming out in the middle of the night due to the 
reduced kidney function - it seems to stick around a lot longer).


<< FWIW, the low I posted about (in fact, ALL of my worst lows!)  happened
 before I started my pump  I've only had my pump about 3 months, but so
 far it's worked wonders in preventing lows!   I can go to bed at night
 with no snack, and feel reasonably assured that I'll wake up with
 approximately the same blood sugar I went to bed with.  Just in case
 this thread WAS causing anyone to have second thoughts about
 pumping...low prevention is another reason to go on the pump IMO!
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