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[IP] Re: Keto Candy bars

> When I accessed Rx for Better Health site for the free diabetes
> identification (I always need more as the red paint always wears off) I
> noticed that that carried a lot of very low carb products - including candy
> bars (a problem food for me--- I love 'em).  Has one tried them?  I had an
> Advantage Bar the other day -low carb - and it was in a word 'awful'.  I am
> really cutting carbs and increasing proteins - a little - how to get around
> the fat?  Is that an Atkins thing?
> Dianne

The problem with virtually all the "low-carb bars" out there is that
they contain either glycerine or sugar alcohols, both of which are forms
of carb.  The labels will tell you that glycerine and sugar alcohols
have only a "minimal" impact on blood sugar, but for me they always give
me a rise.  The effect is slower than a regular candy bar, but it's
definitely there.

Until recently, the makers of the "low-carb bars" were able to get away
with not including glycerine or sugar alcohols in their carb counts.
However, the FDA has cracked down on them and put a stop to that
practice.  So now, the carb counts on the labels of the "low-carb" bars
have skyrocketed -- although the fine print of the label still tells the
consumer not to worry, the glycerine/sugar alcohol won't hurt them.
(yeah, right).  I'm hoping the new rules will prompt the various
companies to make REAL low-carb bars that don't have any "hidden carbs",
but I'm not holding my breath.....

BTW, I'm sure this is a YMMV thing, but for me the one "sugar alcohol"
that I've found I CAN eat without a bg rise is lactitol.  There are a
few brands of sugar-free chocolate that are made with lactitol (most are
made with maltitol), so I occasionally buy those.  However, caution is
in order whenever eating anything containing sugar alcohols -- let's
just say, believe the labels when they tell you their products "may have
a laxative effect"!

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