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Re: [IP] Paradigm versus 508

>>> I know I was told that after insertion I
am to prime another .5 units to fill the needle, but it seems that it would
already be full of insulin since I can see it dripping out before

I had about 4 years of high BGs after site changes after I went to the
SofSets from bending my own metal needle. Since the insulin dripped out of
the end of the needle, there was no need to prime after insertion. I did not
know to prime .5u *inside* me after inserting the SS and removing the
introducer needle. I learned from the 'net that removing that introducer
needle emptied the canula - therefore resulting in my high BGs for several
hours (until a meal bolus). That .5u for the SS needs to be primed inside
the body after removing that introducer needle. It is also in the
instructions in the box (which I hate to read - YMMV). (~_^)

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