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[IP] Re: Low blood sugar thread

>  I am afraid
> that this may scare others to the point they don't want to begin pumping or
> whatever their case would be. Sharon B

FWIW, the low I posted about (in fact, ALL of my worst lows!)  happened
before I started my pump  I've only had my pump about 3 months, but so
far it's worked wonders in preventing lows!   I can go to bed at night
with no snack, and feel reasonably assured that I'll wake up with
approximately the same blood sugar I went to bed with.  Just in case
this thread WAS causing anyone to have second thoughts about
pumping...low prevention is another reason to go on the pump IMO!

I also agree with what others have said.  There are very few people that
I feel comfortable talking about diabetes-related problems with.  That's
one of the advantages of a group like this.  It's nice to have people
who understand (and it's also nice to know you're not the only one who's
ever had an insanely low bg reading)!

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