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Re: [IP] Low blood sugar thread

>That would be very unfortunate.....then we shouldn't discuss pump failure,
>severe highs, site failure, air bubbles, or anything else that might be
>perceived as *negative* and *scarey*....and that would be a shame because
>this is a nasty disease whether we like it or not....I have always believed
>that education is power and the more we know about the challenges we face the
>more equipped we are to handle them....I keep thinking of the funeral for the
>young boy I attended last summer and his precious parents who had never been
>told to check at night or what *dead in bed* was.....knowledge is

I so agree with this.  I truly believe if it hadn't been for the knowledge 
that I have gained from this list I would be dead right now.  Nine months 
ago I was in a serious accident and to this day I swear it was diabetes 
that saved my life at the scene.  Then there was the 9 month in and out of 
the hospital and I know if I didn't have the knowledge that I had gained 
from this list and just being who I am I would be dead, for medical people 
in burn units don't know a damn thing about diabetes.  I only got D5W once 
in my IV and that's cause I was unconscious when they hooked me up, but 
when I came around and tested my blood the first thing I asked was what's 
in my IV.  Sure enough, D5W.  I could go on and on about stuff that 
happened but I won't.  Bottom line, knowledge is POWER, and it's a Power I 
may not have had if not for this list and the sharing that goes on.

Fran, who is grateful to be a part of this list and to be alive
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