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[IP] Re: Lifescan meters...plus more

> Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 15:37:48 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Lifescan meters
> Hi everyone--just wondering what people's experiences with Lifescan meters
> are.  I have heard some bad things about them but am having to change to
> Lifescan because it is the only meter whose test strips my new insurance
> company (Pacificare...grrrr) will cover.  (It burns me up that I have
> different brands of meters--one favorite, two backups--that are now sort
> useless because I can't afford the test strips without a prescription.)
> the people who use Lifescan meters like them?  My main meter is an
> Advantage and I love it, but I'm going to have to get used to this one.
> Lifescan have meters from which you can download your sugars into some
> software?
> Thanks!
> Kristin

I have been using Lifescan meters for quite some time.  (I've had a One
Touch Ultra for over a year and can't imagine going to back a meter that
takes longer than 5 seconds!) Prior to the Ultra, I had a One Touch Profile
for years.  I was able to trade it in for the Ultra for free.  The Ultra
uses a lot less blood than the Profile.  It is also one of the smallest
meters on the market.  It does have software...although I don't have it, so
I can't really comment on it.  But my doctor uses the software to download
my meter every 3 months.

If you can, get a One Touch Ultra.  :-)

Related to this...has anyone noticed much variations between subsequent
blood tests. I mean, testing twice at the same time, but different
locations?  Yesterday I did this, and there was a 30 pt difference.  Today,
I tested once, and then tested again 20 minutes later without doing anything
(no change in insulin, food, etc.). The first was 159, the second was 179.
I did this in the morning, because I wanted to see if just the act of
getting up affects my blood sugars.  So, either it does...or it shows how
variations can affect results. It could just be that I have to increase my
basal rate just before I wake up or something.

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