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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #456

> Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 12:57:01 US/Eastern
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] to upgrade or not to upgrade
> Anyone who has used the paradigm... is the reservoir system easy to use?

Well, I can't compare to the 508, since I just started pumping using the
paradigm.  I find the reservoir system EXTREMELy easy to use.  Although, I
find it hard to get rid of all the bubbles.

> Are the menus as easy to use (or easier??) as the 508?

Well, based on what I know, the menus are as easy or easier.  There was a
chart on some website that listed how many button presses it takes to do
major functions, and the Paradigm had the fewest button presses across the
board, even compared to the 508.  The Paradigm as an additional "Bolus"
button that makes it quicker to get to the bolus entry screens (on top of
the Easy bolus buttons).

>Can I use quicksets with the paradigm reservoir system?

Yes.  I am using quicksets...although I think the quicksets for the paradigm
aren't directly compatible with the ones with the 508.

> Is the paradigm really waterproof enough to wear in the shower & swimming?

Yes.  I've showered with it as well as went swimming with it for 25 minutes.
(YOu aren't supposed to do more than 30 minutes in the water.) Although,
personally I prefer disconnecting for showering...there's no good place to
put the pump in the shower!!!

>Is it truly quiet (no clicks- I hate them)?

The only sound I hear from my Paradigm are the beeps that it makes when
bolus delivery is done.

> Is > there a big size difference?  I currently have 140-150 units in my
> priming.  Will I be able to do that with the paradigm?

Yes, the Paradigm holds 176.  After priming, I typically have about 145-150
units let in the res. For my 43-inch quickset tubing, I use about 12-15
units to prime.

> It's a shame they won't let us try the paradigm for a day or something.  I
> really want one because it sounds great...but that's the thing.  It SOUNDS
> great.  But is it??

Well, I'm new the pumping (less than a week) and I find the Paradigm great.
The only things I wish it did better just aren't available in ANY pump.  :-)
(YOu know...such as automatically checking my blood sugar, etc.) :-)

If you have an opportunity to upgrade and cost isn't an issue, I would
recommend it.  But, if you use more than 140 units in a two day period (or
however often you want to change your infusion set), then you might not want
to. I, personally, am changing every two days due to the resevoir size...but
to me, that's no big deal compared to the 4-7 shots a day I would take
before. :-)
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