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[IP] Re: Possible reason for MM "employee" problems

> Sounds like MM is possibly having an "employee" problem which in turn leaves
> you in the lurch.  Try calling the main operater at MM and tell them you need
> a rep and a response now!!  They must have had some sort of problem with your
> rep especially if you weren't given to another rep to handle your situation
> before he was "gone".  Usually, there are some pretty nice people working at
> MM and hopefully you can find one to help.

My local MM rep was just telling me that MiniMed/Medtronics has closed all
the regional offices (eg., Florida) and is moving/retraining everyone in &
to the main California office so they are in the midst of a massive hiring,
training period.  He said the new people doing the training and in training
are terrific so although the transition is difficult, the results will be
great. Of course they are doing this at the same time they are upgrading
people to the Paradigm.....  I have only called once in the recent past and
talked with a delightful person. We shall see?

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