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Re: [IP] to upgrade or not to upgrade

Hi there-

I give the Paradigm a thumbs up!

I received my Paradigm on June 30th.  I had not really expected to like
it and quite honestly I was never really thrilled with my 508.  I do like
the Paradigm much,much better. Previously I was saying after a one year
trial I might go back to the pen...

 It is quiet. The sound option make a soft chiming sound which is not
loud and quite pleasant at the end of the insulin delivery - no one I
work or have eaten with have seemed to hear it.  I have not tried the
vibration mode.

I really like the resivoir it is much easier to fill and it has just one
auto-prime prior to insertion. The auto prime is really a nice feature. 
I do not have problems with air bubbles like with the 508.  So far I who
want the max # of units of insulin have been able to have available after
the priming was 170 units I seem to average around 150 with no problem. I
use a Quick Set and part that attaches to the body seems about the same-
the resivior of course is all new and a real improvement.

I know they say it weighs less.  I have no scale but my sense of weight
told me it was indeed a bit heavier.  The size is a bit smaller and if
you clip it on your belt it allows for a horizontial mont the does not
stick into your waist...(or love handles)

I haven't considered swimming or showering with mine...

The biggest pluses for me are the much faster site changes ( less than 6
minutes yesterday morning when I was half asleep )  and the fact that it
is really digital.

I do not know about the trade in on supplies.  My insurance is really
good about that supplies and they do not follow how much is a monthly
supply (I happen to work for my insurance company),  I am donating my 508
supplies through my local diabetes ed center.

>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] to upgrade or not to upgrade >Date:
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 12:57:01 US/Eastern > >I got my letter about the
paradigm upgrade. Now I'm really confused. It said >I would need to
register and then find out about the training dates, etc. It >gave me
their chart on comparing 508 vs paradigm. But I don't know what to >do.
It says I will need supplies for both at the training session. I just
>recently purchased 6 months of 508 supplies from minimed. I have really
crappy >insurance, so we cannot afford to just not use that and buy new
paradigm >supplies. But the letter mentioned nothing about exchanging
supplies. When I >called minimed they didn't know, they would call me
back. Anyone know if they >will exchange 508 supplies for paradigm
supplies? > >Anyone who has used the paradigm... is the reservoir system
easy to use? Are >the menus as easy to use (or easier??) as the 508? Can
I use quicksets with >the paradigm reservoir system? Is the paradigm
really waterproof enough to >wear in the shower & swimming? Is it truly
quiet (no clicks- I hate them)? Is >there a big size difference? I
currently have 140-150 units in my 508 AFTER >priming. Will I be able to
do that with the paradigm? It says 170something >capacity, but the 508
says 300 and I have never gotten 300 out of it, so I am >worried. > >It's
a shame they won't let us try the paradigm for a day or something. I
>really want one because it sounds great...but that's the thing. It
SOUNDS >great. But is >it??
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