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Re: [IP] LifeScan meters

At 03:37 PM 7/12/02, you wrote:
>Hi everyone--just wondering what people's experiences with LifeScan meters
>are.  I have heard some bad things about them but am having to change to
>LifeScan because it is the only meter whose test strips my new insurance
>company (Pacificare...grrrr) will cover.  (It burns me up that I have three
>different brands of meters--one favorite, two backups--that are now sort of
>useless because I can't afford the test strips without a prescription.)  Do
>the people who use LifeScan meters like them?  My main meter is an Accu-Chek
>Advantage and I love it, but I'm going to have to get used to this one.  Does
>LifeScan have meters from which you can download your sugars into some

Kristin, I've used LifeScan meters since 1985, and have not suffered from 
it.  I started out with one of the very old Accuchecks (back in 1984) and 
had so much problems with the programing strip that I threw it in the trash 
(cost me $175.00 back in those days).  I currently use the One Touch 
Profile (have 2 of them) and their In Touch software, and like them 
both.  The only problem I have with the LifeScan Profile is the large 
amount of blood required to get a reading.  I believe that you can now 
download the software for free from their website, but you must by the 
cable (around $20 as I recall), and can also order it from the website 
(www.lifescan.com). Every meter from LifeScan is downloadable, with the 
exception of the LifeScan Basic.

Hope this helps,

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