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[IP] re: frequency of changes

I usually try to change at three days, but I hate wasting any insulin in the
reservoir, so it is usually 4 days for me. When I went to the Pittsburg Joslin
center in May, the dr. there said to try to change every other day. The reason
being, after 48 hours, whether you see it or not, your skin starts getting a
slight infection and inflamed. When the skin is inflamed, the affects the
absorbency rate, so you may not be absorbing the insulin as well as you would
if you changed it more frequently. He said that if my insurance company didnt
want to pay for more infusion sets, he would send them a letter explaining why
I needed more. So now, I try not to fill up the reservoir as much, but I still
only change every 3rd day. The 20% I have to pay still adds up.
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