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[IP] high nbrs. :(

I am not sure if I did something wrong.

Tonight prior to making supper I was so hungry (pregnancy hormones 
attack)...and so I nibbled on some of my daughters' cracker while preparing 
supper.  I figured I should bolus for that so gave myself 2 units (what I 
give at snack time).

Then when supper was finished...I tested and I was so high.  I thought that 
was so strange even though I bolused for the snack.  So I bolus for supper 
with a bit extra (due to being a bit high) even though I had bolus 2 units 
prior to cover the snack.

Now an hour after dinner nbrs still hasnt gone down.  Perhaps I am being 
paranoid and should wait a bit longer.  I know it takes time for everything 
especially since I am using 'regular' insulin.

Also today got warning that I have to replace my insulin cartridge.  I 
figured I still had enough to last me the day...being 20 units that remains.

I changed the cartridge and the main cord but left the set in (as changed 
it last night), and reinstalled cartridge and had insulin flow into cord 
etc before reattaching it.  I havent used it for the bolus yet, it was the 
old cartridge that I used the bolus.  Perhaps there wasnt enough insulin 
but the pump would have told me that.  Perhaps its just due to my pre 
dinner binge on the crackers?  :(

Oh dear.  Got to wait a few more hours

Thanks for letting me vent

Stephanie (newbie to pumping at over 2 weeks)
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