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Re: [IP] swimming tips

I swim and I use Insta-Glucose which is a cherry-flavored jell. (It's not a bad
consistency - it's like clear cake frosting). It comes in a tube that looks
like a tooth paste tube only smaller. It's 24 grams of carb which one doctor
thought was too much but I disagree. When I'm having a low, I really want a
bunch of carbs especially when I'm swimming.

The tube is completely water proof. I put a paper "bull clip" on the end of it
and then put a chain on  the bull clip and put it around my neck and tuck it
into my suit just in case it comes off the chain. I've never had that happen

I put a picture of it on my web site if you want to see what I mean.

When I swim at the YMCA I take a clear plastic bottle of sugar water and place
it at the end of the lap lane.  The life guards just think it's plain water.

Stephanie wrote:

> Any tips when swimming in the lake and ocean? How to take along some
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