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RE: [IP] Getting nervous about MiniMed

Jan wrote:
Is it possible, since they are both humans, that they are away on
vacations??? It is July and lots of people take advantage of that. YMMV


You're right, since they are both humans they could be on vacation. Believe
it or not, this prospect actually occurred to me. That's why I called their
voicemail to see what their messages said. If they are both "responsible"
humans, their voicemail would indicate that they were out of the office for
x amount of days - as it has in the past. No such message for either of
them. However, I suppose this doesn't preclude the possibility that they are
"forgetful" humans.

FWIW, I finally spoke with my rep about an hour ago. He called to let me
know that he had left the company about a week ago. He's currently an
"unemployed" human. 

Me, I'm something of an "irritated" human. And thanks for your insightful

Keith G.
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