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> George Lovelace wrote "I just want everyone to know that we really
> do try to make this as easy as possible."
> Oh dear, my post seems to have not come out quite the way I meant
> for it to. My problem, I think, came from a bunch of
> miscommunications between myself and the volunteer admins.  I do not
> in any way mean to place the blame on any one person, it's just how
> it happened.. in any case, it doesn't really matter now, I'm just
> happy to be back on the list!
> I just wanted to make my case known, where I was in a situation
> where it was from no fault of my own that I was bumped off the list
> because of the "three bounce back" rule.. in reality I had no idea
> anything was wrong until I just couldn't log in to read messages
> anymore, when I never noticed any problems with my e-mail. I didn't
> mean to offend the admins.  I know you all are voluteers, and donate
> your time to helping the list, and you are appreciated for what you
> all do!
> Sarah

Hi Sarah,

You didn't offend anyone. What you did do was provide a good 
opportunity for us to explain a little bit about the operations 
behind the scenes and try and provide a little insight for all into 
how much work it really takes to keep IP going. Even with the help of 
the administrators -- well over a dozen of them. I too put in 
anywhere from 4 - 6 hours a day - 6 days a week, just on 
administrative tasks alone. I have a backlog of development and 
upgrade work that is probably 1 - 2 years worth in addition to the 
daily stuff. It is never-ending.

email @ redacted
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