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Re: [IP] swimming tips

> Any tips when swimming in the lake and ocean? How to take along some
> glucose.  The other day I went swimming across the lake with two
> buddies.  I had a low prior to swimming and treated myself and then
> ate some slow acting carbs.  Hoping would cover the swim.  WHen I
> returned from the swim I was having a low again (perhaps just
> started since I didnt feel it yet) only know from testing.
> I was pondering how to bring my glucose tablet with...they would
> dissolve during my swim, and juice boxes...where to put it.
> Thanks for tips.
> Stephanie

When Lily SCUBA or skin dives, she tapes a tube of glucose gel to her 
gear as do I and her dive buddies. The tube is the kind with the 
twist/tear-off top so it is easy to operate even with cold or gloved 
fingers. Something like that would work for you. However you attach 
it to yourself, you want to be able to remove it quickly by tearing 
or pulling it away from your suit, body, whatever. Don't worry about 
damaging a swim suit. Better to do that than be low in the water.

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