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[IP] to upgrade or not to upgrade

I got my letter about the paradigm upgrade.  Now I'm really confused.  It said 
I would need to register and then find out about the training dates, etc.  It 
gave me their chart on comparing 508 vs paradigm.  But I don't know what to 
do.  It says I will need supplies for both at the training session.  I just 
recently purchased 6 months of 508 supplies from minimed.  I have really crappy 
insurance, so we cannot afford to just not use that and buy new paradigm 
supplies.  But the letter mentioned nothing about exchanging supplies.  When I 
called minimed they didn't know, they would call me back.  Anyone know if they 
will exchange 508 supplies for paradigm supplies?  

Anyone who has used the paradigm... is the reservoir system easy to use?  Are 
the menus as easy to use (or easier??) as the 508?  Can I use quicksets with 
the paradigm reservoir system?  Is the paradigm really waterproof enough to 
wear in the shower & swimming?  Is it truly quiet (no clicks- I hate them)?  Is 
there a big size difference?  I currently have 140-150 units in my 508 AFTER 
priming.  Will I be able to do that with the paradigm?  It says 170something 
capacity, but the 508 says 300 and I have never gotten 300 out of it, so I am 

It's a shame they won't let us try the paradigm for a day or something.  I 
really want one because it sounds great...but that's the thing.  It SOUNDS 
great.  But is
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