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Re: [IP] Low blood sugar thread

>>>The low blood sugar topic is pretty scary for some people that are trying
prevent the problem from happening. LBS is really dangerous and does some
pretty bad things to our (we that have D) bodies. I prefer not to hear about
it unless somebody is wondering what to do to prevent them, etc. >>>

I never got to go to D. Camp and would rather not read about those who
did/do. I don't like dialysis - but it's now in my life. There are surgeries
I do not want to know about either - I don't watch those on TV and ask
others not to tell me details of them. Someone was brilliant and put a
Delete key on the keyboard of my PC - I use it. Burying one's head in the
sand does not help someone else who needs some info in a thread. YMMV

We just had a *disgruntlement* on another list over info being supplied as
well as updates of treatments. Someone didn't want to read about
complications. That does not, however, eliminate the need for others to

Jan (~_^)
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