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[IP] Constant High BG after Exercise

I started this week out hoping to start a good habit. I have been waking up an extra hour and a half early and hitting the gym everyday before work. My blood sugars have gone from running between 90-110 before meals to 150-250 before meals. My correction boluses don't drop my BG's to normal, my blood sugars go high even if I eat my normal breakfast with normal bolus before exercising, and my TDD is up about 6 units. I have read anaerbic exercise can raise BG's, but I don't workout that hard. My body feels great and I have more energy from my daily 45 minute workout, but I can't figure out why my BG's are so screwed up. Is waking up an extra hour and a half early throwing everything off? Does anybody have any suggestions on what to try?



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