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This is actually more common of a problem then you would think.

First, which type of infusion set do you use?  For example, many people have
had problems with the tape that comes on the Sof-set and have found they
don't with the paper tape found on Tenders/Sils/Comforts, or other paper
tape based sets.

Second, many people have had success by putting a layer of IV3000 or
PolySkin tape on their skin and then inserting the set through that.  This
way the tape on your set won't touch your skin and cause irritation.  The
only problem is you may have problems with these tapes also.

I am sure others who have had this problem can probably give you more
suggestions.  I fixed mine by changing to the paper based sets, but then
again I was having other issues with the sof-set then just tape irritation.

Good Luck,
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