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[IP] Re: Low blood sugars

I have also had some as low as 18 or 19.  I think the time the EMT's came it was 16.  But every meter is different, huh?
What scares me is that they don't seem to have a pattern.  One day I will find myself at 20 or so and feel fine.  Another day I'm 40 or 50 and having mondo-reactions. I guess it matters how fast the drop was.
Since I don't understand it, it's hard to explain to my husband or coworkers.  I have tried explaining what is a good number and what isn't, but even they see that the numbers don't always match the symptoms.  It's also scary that my last 20 came when I
tested right before I was planning to drive to a luncheon.  Since I felt fine, I would have gotten behind the wheel if I hadn't tested. Since I was running late, I almost didn't.
And I hate that I always seem to eat too much when I feel low and later run high. So I bascially feel crappy for hours after some of the more drastic ones.
I could deal with the testing and poking and carb counting, but I hate the way lows make me depend on other people and how I have to fight those rebounds.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Where people from even smaller towns are impressed with our Mall and multiple McDonalds
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