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[IP] Getting nervous about MiniMed

Hey Folks,

This nagging little voice that's been hanging around since the beginning of
my search for a pump is getting louder. I'm really starting to get a little
nervous about the choice I made to go with the MiniMed Paradigm. I'm
wondering if maybe I made the wrong choice and if it's too late to turn

The problem is that my rep isn't returning my calls. But then again, maybe
it's not his responsibility. I called him once, a week and a half ago,
asking him to please pick up the loaner pump he gave me while I was trying
to decide whether to go with the Paradigm or the Animus R1000. As you know,
this is expensive equipment, and because my house is out in the sticks, he
wants to pick up the pump where I work. Thus, the pump sits in my car
waiting for him. Also, he promised me a Palm Pilot and I want it. Of course,
I'm not going to the mat over a cheap piece of computer equipment, but
that's not the point.

It was just one phone call and he hasn't returned it. I called both him and
his assistant in California yesterday, asking the same questions, and still
no return call. This nagging voice is really getting loud. 

Could this be indicative of the type of service I can expect from MiniMed?
Judging by many of the past posts, I think I already know the answer. I'm
wondering if I have any options at this point. If I were to decide that I'd
rather go with the Animus pump, would my insurance cover this second pump.
They've already paid for the Paradigm, but I wonder if I can send it back;
after all, I haven't even torn the shrink wrap yet. 

Has anyone changed their mind, last minute, and been successful in going
with a different pump? Was your insurance cooperative? My rep at MiniMed did
tell me that if I wasn't happy with the pump, I could return it with no
questions asked. Now I'm wondering if even that was just a pile of bovine

Just my thoughts. I guess I needed to vent while I sit here at work waiting
for my rep to call me. 

Keith G.  
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