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Re: [IP] Humalog vs. Novolog

"I'm still not clear on the difference between Humalog and Novolog. For
instance, I was under the impression Novolog was a little faster-acting.
Then someone told me today Humalog was a bit faster-acting than Novolog. Can
anyone explain the differences?

Fred G."

I think this is definately a YYMV thing, I have personally found that
Novolog works much faster than Humalog, Novolog hits me in about 10 minutes,
and Humalog took 20-30, and novolog seems to have a slower and smoother
"drop off" from it's peak, unlike Humalog which would just stop suddenly at
about 3 1/2 hours for me.  With Novolog I have a much smoother and slower
decline, and since it acts faster in me, I normally don't go above about 160
at any time when I eat a large meal, and am normally about 120 at 2 hours,
without going below 90 later.

I have found, as others have, that for some reason Novolog doesn't work as
well on really high highs.  If I am close to or above 300 (usually because I
was WAY off on some treat I just had to have), I either give myself about
30% more as a correction bolus with my pump (say for 350, instead of 5u, I'd
take 6.5u) which normally works well, or I just give a shot of humalog, 1u
for every 50 points over 100 which also normally works well.  Anything lower
than about 250 seems to react perfectly, so it may just be me that is weird

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