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Re: [IP] Number of days

"I think filling a cartridge/syringe half full is just a marketing ploy to
sell more supplies."

That may be true, but if I fill my syringe more than half full, instead of
changing my site every 4 or 5 days because I am out of insulin, I'll try to
push it "just another day" over and over, leaving my sites in as long as 8
or 9 days, which I have found makes my prior sites much slower to heal.  I
don't necessarily have site problems or any infections, I just get a small
open wound that doesn't "close" for 3-4 days, as opposed to just a little
dot of a scab after a day when I change at 4 or 5 days.. it's all about how
the skin reacts to the teflon, and after about 6 days for me it seems to try
to "heal" itself around the cannula, which in turn makes it slower to close
up when I remove the set.

Since I get 4-5 days on the 150 units I normally fill my 508 with (Averaging
20-40 units a day, mostly around 30 depending on how I eat), I am eagerly
awaiting the paradigm for it's new features, and the resevoir size is just
right for me :-)

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