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[IP] Numbers and more numbers

I haven't been reading closely lately.  But I did find this interesting.  I
regularly take 140  -- 200 units a day.  Currently it is a mixture of Lantus
and R.  Even still my average blood sugar is around 250 which is a great
improvement these days.  The only time I had normal blood sugars was when I
was taking an excess of 400 units a day.  But then I blew up the size of a
blimp.  Every time I layed down on the beach people would surrond me and
would try to drag me into the water figuring I was a beached whale!

My lowest sustained blood sugar was 25 at the end of my first glucose
tolerance test.  I left the office and wandered around for at least an hour
and a half before eating anything.  Naturally it shook up the doctor's
office that I left from.

> >>>I agree that a 100 units a day is a lot. I am a type 2/15yrs, insulin
> user 1 1/2 yrs and pump for 6 months and only use between 35-40 units a
> on the average. Are there anyother type 2's on this web site reading this?
> How much do you average a day? >>>
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