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[IP] Sedation Dentistry?

I'm a big wimp at the dentist and I need to have quite a lot of work done,
so I've opten for conscious sedation, but as my appointment gets closer
(it's Monday) I am getting more and more nervous about it.. I'll be "out"
for 5-6 hours, after fasting 12 hours, and while I am mostly sure that I
will be "ok" with my pump and everything, I've never actually fasted 18
hours to "test" it.. anyone have any advice or experience?

This dentist did seem to be pretty knowledgable about diabetes in general,
and I plan on bringing my meter so they can test me during the procedure (if
I can't test myself, some people are more "out" than others) and a glucagon
kit along "just in case", but I'm still worried something could happen.

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