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[IP] Exercise and Adrenalin Response

The diabetes and exercise website URL you gave is an excellent one, however 
it does not deal with adrenal gland factors.  This may NOT be a common 
problem for athletes with diabetes but for me and others like me the adrenal 
glands kick into gear due to strenuous exercise, emotion or trauma.  The 
average body (huh?) deals with the the rising BG when the liver dumps all 
that 'sugar' into the body by producing more insulin or allowing you to burn 
it off while being chased by raptors in Jurassic Park.  Not every diabetic I 
know has high BG when they're angry but I do and what my poor body 
interprets as strenuous might be a walk in the park for someone else.  This 
is just my own little adendum to the exercise FAQ.  If the norepinephrine is 
secreted by stimulated adrenal glands the body just sorta shuts down all 
non-essential operations (like motor skills and gastrointestinal tract), the 
brachioles enlarge to help you breathe (although I found this painfully so). 
  I'm off to the endo's for adrenal lessons on Monday -  stay tuned.  Thanks 
for your info.

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