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Re: [IP] LOW Blood Sugar

> Had a SCAREY insulin Reaction last night, My blood
> Sugar dropped down to 27....... I've never been that
> low before. Just wondering if any of you guys
> have?????

Well, one day I was working at my desk when test-time came 
around. I got my BG test going while working on about 3 other 
things. When I looked at the meter, I saw 32. WHAT?? I can't 
be that low! There's no way I'm at 31.... I'd surely be 
feeling it if I was as low as 30 ..or.. 29... 28... The meter 
was still counting down.

I don't actually know what I was the one time I took a ride to 
the hospital in the back of a big square truck; I just know it 
was too low. The lowest I've measured myself was 29.

                 - Bluejay Adametz, CFII, A&P, AA-5B N45210

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