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[IP] Re: LOW Blood Sugar

> Had a SCAREY insulin Reaction last night, My blood
> Sugar dropped down to 27....... I've never been that
> low before. Just wondering if any of you guys
> have?????

My lowest reading (about 4 years ago) was 19!  I was very fortunate in
that I was able to test and treat it on my own.  When I tested, I was
actually stunned that I was that low -- I knew I was low, but not THAT
low!  I've also had a couple readings in the 20's, and lots in the
30's.  By the grace of God I've never needed outside assistance to treat
a low, though.

BTW, my pump has made a HUGE difference in preventing lows!  I don't go
low nearly as often, and when I do it's usually relatively mild -- like
high-50's or low-60's (which is not ideal of course, but it's not 30!)

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