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Re: [IP] the beach

>      I would like to know if anyone has problems with their meter
>      readings 
> when at the beach? My readings always come out way higher when i
> test in the sun. I also would like to know how to pack the meter
> when on the hot beach. I dont want to put it in with the cold
> insulin

There are two things that compromise the readings of your meter at 
the beach.

1) extreme temperatures, either hot or cold may cause the meter to 
produce inacurate readings. The manual will tell you what acceptable 
ambient temperatures are for proper operation.

2) complete dark and direct sunlite can and do affect the optical 
sensors in many meters. There should always be "some" light and never 
"direct sunlight" on the meter optics. If you are outside then stand 
or sit with your back to the sun so the meter optics are in the shade 
of your body during the entire calibration and test cycle of the 
meter while it completes the test.

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