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[IP] Re: Free ID-digest V6 #451

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation
P. O. Box 96046
Washington, DC 20090-6046

Also I am concerned about this free ID necklace as well, has anyone else heard
of this?

Hi K.Breitholle, when I first started with my pump I couldn't make any
adjustments without my trainer, but now she has signed off and released me and
she feels confident about me there is no problem. The most important thing and
you will find out from reading this site and all the great info from long time
pumpers that one basal change and .1 on that basal change at a time. Little
adjustment, like baby steps at a time and see and learn how it effects your BS.
Good luck and congratulations!.

I agree that a 100 units a day is a lot. I am a type 2/15yrs, insulin user 1
1/2 yrs and pump for 6 months and only use between 35-40 units a day on the
average. Are there anyother type 2's on this web site reading this? How much do
you average a day?

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