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Re: [IP] all the diet talk

I wrote:
> >The same as carb-counting has changed the *diabetic diet* and exchange
> >system in '94, the low-protein diet isn't what it was cracked up to be.
> >Citing my experience - again: At 50% kidney function, endo put me on a
> >a
> >day low-protein diet. (I HATED it with a passion!!! This included
> >in green beans and milk.) I lost another 15% function over that year and
> >half. I saw a nephrologist at 35% function and he said to get off that
> >low-protein diet.

Jayne responded:
> Jan,
> I'm just wondering if this means that you don't have to watch your protein
> at all.
> Jayne <<who's hoping this means you at least get to spread some tofu on
> toasted cardboard ;) >>


I use peanut butter on my cardboard - NO tofu, thanks. I was told to eat
less (not *none*) red meat and more chicken and fish. I carefully watch my
potassium intake - even though it's pretty tough for me to give up my
beloved mashed potatoes and grape tomatoes. My levels have stayed within the
normal range, so I'm continuing (for now) to do what I have been doing. I
get labs drawn monthly and they check several *ytes*.

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