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> Whoa!  This is making me feel a little nervous.  I had no idea that
> emails were a problem to anyone.  I don't even know if this might have
> happened to me at some point.  Do you get some kind of warning if it's
> happened to you (either from IP or from hotmail)?  There's a lot of times
> that I log on to hot mail and it says something to the effect of "your box
> is nearly full and you MAY not be getting messages," but I don't know if
> there has ever been a time that I actually wasn't getting messages.  I
> moved across the country and I'm a bit afraid that during the three day
> drive I might have really filled up the box.  Sorry!!!  Do you
> (administrators) recommend that we take ourselves off the list if we go
> for a couple of days and then rejoin after?
> Jayne.

I think the nearly full message is probably all the warning you will get. At
that point you may still be able to receive some mail but the large digest
will bounce. If you are going to be unable to read you mail for any length
of time then you should send a note to Help@Insulin-Pumpers.Org and ask them
to temporarily switch you over to the browser version of the list. That way
your mailbox does not fill up but you can still access the mail archives (at
www.insulin-pumpers.org) if you happen to get internet access. When you
return just send another note to Help@Insulin-Pumpers.org and have them
switch you back to the digest or the main list. Resubscribing is not

Patrick Jobe
One of the Volunteer Administrators
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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