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Re: [IP] Re: arm testing

> so i contacted lifescan and they sent me a clear plastic thing to put in
my finger pricker so i could try testing on my arm. so far it is not going
well; usually i have to stab the same place three or four times before
getting a decent sized sample, even after holding the sampler there for
several seconds like the manual said. tonight i went through 4 strips before
finally getting a non-error message. it's really starting to get on my
nerves. i have tried slapping the srm to get the blood to come to the
surface (my roommate is looking at me strangely now) and it still isn't
working. how can i get my arm to bleed??
> becky (dx'd T1 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

I test exclusively on my arms. I have three suggestions (only one of which
is likely to be immediately useful).

1. Before testing rub your arm rapidly and forcefully with the base of your
palm. Do this until your hand is noticeably hot. This works a lot better
than the slapping. Rubbing with a warm, moist wash cloth also works  but it
is rarely practical.

2. Consider trying the FreeStyle meter. It needs a considerably smaller
sample which directly addresses the issue you are having. In addition the
FreeStyle strip can be filled from 2 or more drops if need. The measurement
process doesn't start until the meter gets enough blood and beeps. If you
don't get enough the first time stick yourself again and continue to fill
the strip. Your will never get an error for not having enough blood. It just
will not work until it has enough.

3. About a 6 months ago I start taking one baby aspirin a day for improved
cardiovascular health.  Since then I can really tell that I bleed much
easier. If daily aspirin makes sense for you then you might realize the
additional benefit of easier alternate site testing.

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