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On 10 Jul 2002 at 20:57, Michel J. Boucher wrote:

> George, I hope you realize that your e=mail went to the wrong people. If
> we received it, it means there is room at that address. You should
> contact the ones that keep bouncing back, somehow.
> No jab here, just an observation.
> Michel 


No "jab" taken!    :>)    And the message DID go to the right people, maybe the ones that have read this will make sure that their mailboxes don't overflow.  There is no way 
to contact those whose boxes are bouncing mail, unless an Admin can track them through information in their posts or their Profiles.

And as to those whose hotmail boxes are filling fast with Spam, I have a rule to NOT do a "remove" message back to anyone unless they are CLEARLY a reputable 
national company.  Otherwise your address just gets sold to some other spammer as being "viable"  MS, in all their great wisdom, will allow you about 250 "blocks" to be 
placed on offending mail.  I just block mail from regular spammers and after they've been on block for a month or so, I start in with a new list to block.  You still need to 
dump a lot of trash, but I can go almost a week now without the mailbox being filled.  Of course I don't use hotmail for hardly anything else, except those site that Insist that 
they have your address and do NOT behave responsibly like IP does.

Be CAREFUL with the Junk Mail Filters.  They will readily identify IP mail as Junk since it is broadcast.  It took several months for me to teach hotmail that IP was a 
trusted newslist!   They still forget occasionally.   :>(

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